Automatic discounts

In your store you can set up percent (X% off) or absolute value ($X off) discounts that depend on the order subtotal.

These discounts are automatically calculated and applied at checkout to qualified orders. Unlike discounts for individual products that are aimed at highlighting them, automatic discounts will work on all products in your store once the criterion (the order subtotal) is met.

Setting up automatic discounts

To set up automatic discounts, first you have to decide on the minimum order subtotal (where your discount starts). Then you need to choose whether the discount is a percentage or it is a fixed value. And after that – define the discount amount that will be applied to the whole order. Additionally you can add discount tiers.

For example, you can create such a discount: if a customer spends $200 or more, they will get a 10% discount. And in case you have added discount tiers, it can be a 10% discount for $200-$499,99 orders and a 15% discount for orders that are over $500.

To set up such an automatic discount in your store:

  1. From your store's admin, go to Marketing → Automatic Discounts.
  2. Click Add Discount in the Based on Subtotal section.
  3. Enter a value into the Order Subtotal field:


  4. In the Discount drop-down, choose whether your discount is in percents or it is an absolute value:


  5. Enter the discount value:


  6. (Optional) Add discount tiers, if you need them, by clicking Add Discount again:


  7. Save the changes.

That’s it! Now the discount will be applied to any customer in your store as long as they reach the designated subtotal.

The discount will be automatically calculated in the Shopping Cart during the checkout:


You can change the “Discount for orders over” text to any text of your choice with the help of Store Label Editor.

In case you want to remove your discount (or its tier), just click on the trash bin next to it in the Based on Subtotal section and click Save.

Telling your customers about automatic discounts

Automatic discounts will not be visible in your catalog – only in the Shopping Cart – so you need to inform customers about the ongoing promotion. There are lots of different ways to do that. For example, you can notify customers about the overall sale with the help of a note on the store home page. Or send newsletters.

Using automatic discounts for storewide (total) sales

You can use automatic discounts to run a storewide sale. They don’t require the customer to input any sort of a coupon code at checkout. 

To launch a storewide sale such as 10% off the entire catalog, you can simply set up an automatic discount for some minimal order subtotal (e.g. for all orders over $1) so that the discount applies to all customer orders.

You can enable automatic discounts for Black Friday & Cyber Monday and holiday sales – or if you just want to clear your stocks and stimulate customers to spend more.

You can also create automatic discounts for customer groups that can apply to all their orders or orders over a certain subtotal.
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