Taking repeat orders

Repeat orders let your customers place exactly the same order as they placed before in one click. Reordering is a great time saver for shoppers as they don’t need to browse the store looking for products again. Instead, they can hit a link in their customer account or a button in the previous order email.

With repeat purchases, you can increase sales, especially if you sell items that require regular replenishment, like contact lenses, food ingredients, or pet products. To allow repeat orders in your store, enable them on the Cart & Checkout page in your store admin.

Want to charge customers automatically on a repeated schedule? Try recurring subscriptions.

Enabling repeat orders

To take repeat orders, you need to enable them in your store settings.

To enable repeat orders:

  1. From your store admin, go to Settings → General → Cart & Checkout.
  2. Scroll down to the Checkout settings block.
  3. Enable the Show the “Buy again” button toggle at the bottom of the list.
  4. Save the changes.

That’s it! Repeat purchases are now enabled for all the products in your store. Reordering will be available as long as at least one item from the original order remains in stock.

The “Buy again” link will be displayed in the order history in customer accounts for all orders, including the old ones, and all the new Order Confirmation emails will have the ”Buy Again” button.

After a repeat order is placed, it appears in the Orders page in your store admin. You can recognize such orders by the “Buy again” button notice as order source.

Discount coupons used for the original order are reapplied to repeat orders, except for the single-use coupons and those that are no longer valid in your store. Gift cards are not reapplied to the repeat purchase.

If you have previously edited the “Order Confirmation” notification template, the repeat order section may not be present in your emails. Learn how you can add the repeat orders block to your customized emails

Customer experience

Customers who have already purchased from your store can initiate a repeat order. There are two equivalent ways:

  • In their customer account that is created automatically after purchase and contains full order history:


  • From the customer inbox, by clicking the ”Buy Again” button at the bottom of an Order Confirmation email received for the order.

When a customer clicks the repeat order button, they will be redirected to the checkout page with the same items in the cart. At this point, they can proceed to payment. Information like customer name, email, and shipping/delivery details is pre-filled based on the original order.

If you make adjustments like changing the old delivery methods or updating your Terms & Conditions, customers will need to choose the delivery method/agree to T&C at checkout.

If some items are no longer present or you don’t have the required quantity, so only partial reorder is possible, customers will see a notice at checkout prompting them to check items in the shopping cart:


Adjusting repeat order texts

To edit the “Buy again” text in the customer account (e.g., turn it into ”Repeat order”) as well as adjust other texts in your store, you can use the Store Label Editor. To change the ”Buy Again” text in the Order Confirmation notification, edit its email template.

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