Bpost is a delivery company that handles shipments within Belgium and internationally. The carrier ships letterbox packets and parcels up to 30 kg.

You can manually add the Bpost rates that customers will see at checkout. Check Bpost rates for business to charge shoppers accurately.

To add Bpost shipping method to your store:

  1. From your store admin, go to Shipping & Pickup.
  2. In the Shipping block, click + Add Shipping.
  3. Choose Set Up Bpost. If your store is located outside of Belgium, click View all carriers dropdown and choose Bpost in the list.
  4. Choose what rates to set up: free or conditionally free shipping, flat rates, or custom rates based on weight or order amount.
  5. Set up the shipping method.
    • (optional) Shipping name at checkout. Enter the name for the delivery method that customers will see at checkout.
    • Shipping rates. For custom rates, specify what customers should pay for an order of a certain weight by adding weight ranges and respective rates:


    For flat rates, specify rates for shipping that will be applied to all orders.
    For free shipping, you can set up free shipping for all orders or limit free shipping availability by order subtotal.
  6. (optional) Limit availability by order subtotal. Specify the order subtotal before discounts. The delivery method won’t be available at checkout for orders below that amount.
  7. (optional) Show approximate delivery date at checkout. Turn this on to display the approximate delivery date next to delivery options at the checkout.
  8. Set shipping region. Select the shipping zone for Bpost. Customers who live outside the shipping area won’t see Bpost at checkout.
  9. Click Save & Finish.

All done. Now customers will see the Bpost shipping method at checkout:


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