TikTok Pixel

TikTok Pixel lets you monitor sales, track customer’s actions on your website, and find the right audience for your ads. You can use that data to create more effective ad campaigns and attract the target audience to your store.

TikTok Pixel is installed to your store automatically along with connecting your store with TikTok For Business, an all-in-one platform to run ads and adjust marketing campaigns based on TikTok Pixel data. TikTok For Business has different tools to help you manage your brand on TikTok, including Business Center, Ad Account, Store Manager.

Understanding TikTok Pixel

The TikTok Pixel is an analytics tool that helps you understand your customers’ behavior on your site. Common uses of a pixel include:

  • Measuring campaign performance. You can analyze your TikTok ads’ conversions based on the events you’ve defined.
  • Optimising ad delivery. By comparing your sales with your ads, you can adjust your ad campaigns accordingly to target TikTok users who are most likely to add products to the cart, complete the order, etc.
  • Creating events. TikTok Pixel allows you to choose tracking rules to analyze your customers’ behavior on site. You can collect information about whether a shopper completed a particular action, for example, adding a product to their cart or completed checkout.
  • Building audiences based on behavior. You can create Custom Audiences or Lookalike Audiences based on how your customers engaged and where they dropped off in your funnel. These audiences can then be used for remarketing.

Even if you don't currently run ads, by installing a TikTok Pixel, you can collect data that will allow you to retarget or reach TikTok users who are interested in your products.

Installing the TikTok Pixel to your store

The installation is easy for everyone regardless of technical skills. You can create a new pixel or connect the existing one when connecting your store to TikTok For Business.

Before connecting your store to TikTok For Business, check if you meet TikTok requirements.

To install TikTok Pixel to your online store:

  1. From your store admin, go to the TikTok page.
  2. In the Phone number for TikTok Business Tools field, specify your personal mobile phone number. The phone number is required to create a TikTok Ad Account. It also lets you change the password and protect your account.
  3. Click + Connect TikTok Account.
  4. Follow the wizard to complete the connection.
    If you use an ad blocker extension, turn it off. Otherwise, it can block you from creating your Ad Account and finishing the connection.

That’s it. Once you complete the connection, the TikTok Pixel will be installed in your online store. You can check out your pixel ID on the TikTok page in your store admin:


TikTok Pixel events

Events are the actions that a visitor takes on a website. You can track events, for example, you can create an event for adding an item to a cart, making a purchase, and so on. It’s better to create an event for each step of a customer’s journey. That way, you can analyze your sales funnel and also set your most-valued events as the optimization goal to improve the effectiveness of your ads.

The following events will be sent from your store to TikTok:

  • Page View. When a customer opens the main page of your site.
  • View Content: when any page is viewed.
  • Search: when a search is made.
  • Add to Cart: when an item is added to the shopping cart.
  • Initiate Checkout: when the checkout process is started.
  • Add Payment Info: when payment information is added in the checkout flow.
  • Place an Order: when an order is placed.

Learn more about creating standard events →

Removing TikTok Pixel from your store

You can remove the existing pixel code from your online store by disconnecting your TikTok For Business from your store.

To disconnect TikTok from your store:

  1. From your store admin, go to the TikTok page.
  2. Click Disconnect the page. The pixel will be removed automatically.

Done. Now your store is not connected to TikTok For Business, your TikTok Pixel is removed from your store, and no data from your customers are tracked.

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