Basic actions in mobile Sitebuilder

After choosing a template, and optionally finishing the site setup process, you will be taken to the Sitebuilder, where you can add blocks, customize your Website settings, and add content to your site.

The basic actions for mobile are taps and double taps

For example, to change the block settings, tap the block to call out its control pane. 

WL - First steps mob - 7.png

To change any of the block elements, tap it first to highlight it and tap again to activate the controls. You can also double-tap the element with the same result. 

WL - First steps mob - 8.png

Learn more about how to modify block settings from this article.

Another type of interaction is a long tap. For example, try long-taping the image to activate its alternative controls.
Here, you have shortcuts to changing the image’s alt title and setting its click action. As well as the block’s Cut and Copy options. 

WL - First steps mob - 9.png

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