About Sitebuilder AI-powered tools

Everyone dreams of creating a website quickly and easily, yet many business owners lack expertise in website creation or content writing. Recognizing this challenge, we’ve developed a number of AI-powered tools, combining the Sitebuilder’s easy-to-use block structure with AI features that generate relevant content. 

This innovative approach helps us: 

  • Streamline the site creation process 
  • Eliminate the “writer’s block” for users
  • Maintain quality while keeping it affordable
  • Remove technical barriers for users.

The Sitebuilder AI feature consists of AI-powered site setup, AI-powered page generation, and AI-powered block generation. Let’s learn more about each of them.

AI-powered site setup

The setup process is now simplified with AI guidance. By collecting essential details about your business and preferences, AI ensures that your website is personalized from the outset. This saves you time and effort, enabling you to focus on the core aspects of your online presence.

Read the detailed instructions on AI-powered site setup in our dedicated article (COMING SOON). 

AI-powered page generation

This feature helps you overcome content creation hurdles. With AI-generated page drafts, you can quickly generate comprehensive content for your website pages. This serves as a foundation for further customization, empowering you to shape your website according to your unique vision and goals.

Read the detailed instructions on AI-powered page generation in our dedicated article (COMING SOON). 

AI-powered block generation

AI-powered block creation encourages experimentation by helping you iterate quickly between variations of content. You can effortlessly generate and update specific content blocks, such as team bios or product descriptions, ensuring your website remains engaging and relevant. This flexibility allows you to adapt your site content seamlessly to changing needs and preferences.

Read the detailed instructions on AI-powered block generation in our dedicated article (COMING SOON). 

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