AI tool language settings

Yola AI tools can help you create website content in many languages. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to AI-generate your site content in a language different from your default one.

Sitebuilder is currently localized to 15 languages, meaning that the interface and AI tools are set up by default in the language taken from your environment (browser, IP address, operational system, geo-location, etc.) However, if the main language of your future site is different, we recommend you generate the site in it right away and write your business profile in this language, too. 

Changing the language for the AI tool 

When you start generating your homepage with AI, your default language is the same as your interface language. However, you can change the website language in Step 3 of the site setup.

WL - AI language - 1.png

Tip: We recommend you write the business description in your preferred language, too. 

WL - AI language - 2.png

After generating the home page, the main language of your site will be the language you selected during setup. Artificial intelligence (AI) will rely on this language to generate (and regenerate if needed) content for your site.

WL - AI language - 3.png

You can also add more languages to your site to make it multilingual.


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