How to add animated .gif images to your website

You can add a bit of action to your page with animated gifs (.gif file format). They are great for showing your products from various dimensions, adding a moving image with a promotion, or bringing motion to your event with a short video without having to embed the video file. 

Adding an animated .gif image

Here’s how to add a gif to your site:  

  1. Click the image you want to replace with a gif to activate the image controls.
  2. Click the Upload image icon and then click the Upload a file option from the drop-down menu.

  3. When your computer storage opens, find the gif you want to upload, click it, and then click Open. In a few seconds, your gif will be uploaded to the image frame. 

Customizing your gif

After uploading the animated gif, you may find it doesn’t perfectly fit the image frame. The good news is you can adjust the gifs’ position the same way as the rest of the images.

You can crop them, resize them, and change their focal point like in the video below. 

Note: Though animated images add movement and context to your page, it is advisable to use them moderately.

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