Deleting content from the block

You both create and delete any amount of text in the Sitebuilder by using the computer keyboard. You can use the same familiar keys to delete text: Backspace and Delete. How these keys work, and how much of your text they can delete, depends on how you use them. 

The Backspace and Delete keys are used to delete single characters:

  • Backspace: Deletes the character to the left of the insertion pointer
  • Delete: Deletes the character to the right of the insertion pointer

After you delete a character, any text to the right or below the character shuffles over to fill the void. You can also press and hold Backspace or Delete to continuously delete characters in the Sitebuilder.  

The Sitebuilder has two ways to delete bigger portions of text.

  1. To delete a word: Point the mouse at the word and double-click to highlight it. Press the Delete or Backspace key to make the word disappear.
  2. To delete a paragraph: Point the mouse at the paragraph, click the mouse button three times, and press the Delete or Backspace key.

After deleting the word or any portion of the text, the Sitebuilder wraps up the remaining text so that deleting any number of words doesn’t leave a “hole” in your text. 

You can also delete blocks and block elements from the page. Visit this tutorial to learn how to do it.

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