Managing blocks

A block is the foundation of your website. Like bricks, blocks form the construction of your website, starting with the Header block to the main content area, and down to the Footer block. 

Each block type has been purpose-built to help you reach your website goals. For example, the Gallery block showcases your portfolio, the Text block allows you to add pieces of textual content, and the Contact block helps your site visitors get in touch with you.

After you add a block to your website, you can customize it to your preferences. The block customizations are done through the block’s control pane. Here’s what you can do with it: 

  • Edit the block’s background image 
  • Duplicate your block
  • Customize your block settings
  • Move your block up and down the layout
  • Copy and paste your block 
  • Delete your block

no-logo-managing-blocks-1.pngLet’s explore these options in detail. 

Editing the block’s background image

The first button on the block’s control pane is Edit image. It is a shortcut for the Layout tab in Block settings. You can also go to Settings > Layout tab to end up at the same place (see the video below).

Note: The edit background image option is only available for some block types that have block layouts with the background images, such as Gallery, Call to action, Images, Videos, and Counters blocks. If you use one of these blocks and want to have this option enabled, you need to switch the block layout to the one with the background image. Then, you’ll be able to edit the background image.

Editing a background image includes replacing the image with your own or the one you chose from the free image gallery, cropping it, and changing its focal point. 

Learn more about editing the block background image from our Customizing block background  tutorial.

Duplicating a block

Duplicating is a great way to use an existing block as a starting point for new content. When you duplicate a block, the copy will have the same text, layout, images, and settings as the original. Here’s how to do this: 

  1. Hover over the block you want to duplicate to enable the control pane.
  2. Click the Duplicate button and the identical block will appear at the bottom of your original one. 
  3. Modify the content and change the settings as you would do with any other block.

Here’s the video of the process. 

You can also duplicate elements in blocks. For example, you may want to add more testimonials to your page or increase the number of team members. Read more about block element customization in our dedicated article.

Customizing block settings 

Block settings allow you to customize block elements like background, content alignment, block spacing, and many more. 

To access the Block settings menu, hover over the block to enable the block’s control pane, and then click the Block settings icon.


Learn about block customization options in detail from our Block settings tutorial.

Moving blocks on the page

The block structure of your website allows you to move blocks around the layout by pressing two buttons on the Control pane: Move up and Move down.


To move the block to another location on the page, hover over the block you want to move to activate the control pane and click the respective arrow.

When you click the Move up arrow, the block moves one position above the preceding block on the page. When you click the Move down arrow, the block moves down beneath the block that’s under it. 

Copying and pasting blocks

When you’ve customized a block and want to create multiple copies of it on your website, you can copy and paste the block to as many pages as you like.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Hover over the block you want to copy and then click the ellipsis icon on the control pane to reveal more options.

  2. Depending on your needs, click Copy block or Cut block option. All customizations and content will be copied.
  3. Go to the location you want to paste your block to. Hover over the nearest block, click the More button on its control pane, and select Paste before this block or Paste after this block

View the video of the process below.

Deleting a block

You can remove any block from your page. To do this, hover over the block you want to delete to enable the control pane and lick the trash bin icon on it.


After you have deleted the block, the page layout will adjust automatically. You can delete any number of blocks and your page layout will remain attractive on all devices.

Note: You can reverse this action by clicking the Undo button on the Topbar or pressing Ctrl+Z for Windows or Command+Z for Mac on your keyboard. 


How do I benefit from pre-designed blocks?

Each template in the Template Gallery has 100+ professionally designed blocks that perfectly complement each other. This eliminates the risk of mistakes when building your website. No matter what your technical skills are, you are guaranteed to get an agency-quality design that looks great on any device and screen size. 

Can I resize a block?

When you resize or delete a block’s element, the block resizes automatically to fit the layout. This helps preserve the professionally polished look and feel of your site.

You can also change the layout of your block by adjusting its Block Settings and previewing block variations in the Layout tab.

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