First steps to building your website on a mobile

The first thing you need to do is sign up for an account. Enter your name, email address, and password on the Get started page and check all the checkboxes required. 

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Then, you enter a Setup Wizard that helps you choose the right template from our extensive Template gallery. The Wizard has up to 5 steps depending on what type of website you choose. You can opt out of the Setup Wizard by tapping the Skip setup button at the bottom of the screen.

Let’s explore the steps with the Business website as an example.

Step 1. What kind of website do you want to create? 

Choose the kind of website you would like to create: Personal, Business, Online store, or Community/Organization so that you see only relevant templates in the Template Gallery. 

For this example, we choose Business

Tap Continue to proceed.

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Step 2. Select a website template

Scroll down to view and choose the template that appeals to you. Tap the Preview button for the template preview or the Start editing button to select the template and proceed.

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Step 3. Name your website

The Wizard offers you a default site name based on the name you entered during registration. This name will appear in your website’s header, and you can change it at any time. Tap Continue to go to the Sitebuilder if you are building a Personal site. 

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Step 4. Let us better understand your business

On the next page, you can add an alternative to your Sitename – a business name, or you can keep it the same by ticking the respective checkbox. Also, you can add a brief introduction of your business. 

Tap Continue to proceed.

WL - First steps mob - 5.png

Step 5. Finish with business information

Fill up the form with your business information. The information will then automatically appear in all the necessary places on your site, like the header, the footer, and the Contacts block, saving you time for customization. 

WL - First steps mob - 6.png

Tap Finish setup to go to Sitebuilder and start editing your site. 

The site setup for the Online Store and Community/Organization types of website are the same. For the Personal website, you don’t have to set up the business information. 


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