Customizing website fonts

The Sitebuilder offers a selection of custom preset font combinations. Each template comes with professionally selected font pairings that will be automatically applied to your text and headings. 

You can also change the fonts of your entire website or in some blocks.

Changing the font for the whole website

Here’s how you can change the font on your entire website:

  1. Click Design on the Topbar to open the Website design menu.

    no-logo-customize-web-font-01.pngAlternatively, click the Menu button on the upper-left corner of the editor and choose Design in the Side menu.


  2. In the Design menu, click Fonts. Your current font combination will be highlighted at the top of the
  3. Click the new font combination from the list to preview your new fonts on the website. You can move the Website design window to the side and scroll down your page to preview new fonts in various
  4. Once you are happy with the font combination, click Save.

The new fonts will be updated across your entire website. 

Changing the font size in the block

It’s essential to keep a coherent page outline and structure and ensure that H1, H2, and H3 elements contain the respective text that improves your site’s SEO rank

If you want to convert a text portion’s Heading tag (H1, H2, etc.)  in a particular block, you can use the text editing feature. However, to maintain consistency in your design, the interface does not allow you to change the font itself in a single block. 

Here’s how to change the font size in a block: 

  1. In the chosen block, click the text field to enable the text customization menu. 
  2. Highlight the heading or subheading you want to change and pick the font style from the menu’s drop-down lists.

  3. Click anywhere in the block to enable the changes. 

If you need to customize the font size of the text elements beyond the predefined heading options, you can use the font size drop-down menu. 



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