Activating a menu

You can activate different menus and panels to perform various actions with blocks and block elements. Instead of navigating a cluttered workspace, you activate only the menu for the element you want to change. 

There are two ways to activate the customization menu of the site element – by hovering over and by clicking. 

To activate a customization menu of a block, hover over it, and you will see the [+] Add a block button and the Control panel. 

The text editing menu activates with a click. A more extensive menu opens when you highlight a word.




By clicking a button, you activate its customization menu, which allows you to align the text and add a link. 


Clicking the image activates its editing menu and resize controls.



Activating a menu on mobile

When using a Sitebuilder on mobile, you need to tap on any element to modify it.

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