Publishing your website

While saving your site preserves its content in the Sitebuilder, it does not automatically publish it to the internet. You need to publish your site so that people can find it online.

After you publish your site, you get the link to it which you can use for your digital marketing activities and share with your clients directly.  

Previewing your site

Sitebuilder is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) platform, meaning that while editing, you see exactly what your visitors will see on the published website. 

However, to preview the website's looks on various devices and custom code execution, you can use the Preview button on the Topbar.

Before you publish

Your website is private by default. This means that only the site owner and people who help create the website can see it. At this point, your site is hidden from search engines too.

Your website edits won’t be publicly visible until you publish the site.

Tip: When you work on your website, you may want to keep it private until you are ready to go live. To keep your website hidden from visitors you can keep saving it without publishing.

Publishing your site

When you are done editing your site, click Publish in the top-right corner of the Sitebuilder.


Alternatively, click the Menu button (three horizontal lines) in the top-left corner of the Sitebuilder and choose Publish from the Side bar menu.

When you published

After you press Publish, your site goes live and can be viewed online. You can access it by:

  • Pressing the View your published site link in the pop-up window that appears right after your publish.
  • Entering the URL of your site name in the browser.
  • Opening Side menu and clicking View published website.


Note: If you can’t see changes you’ve made to your published site, you may want to clear the browser cache and try again. 

You may not be able to immediately find your site in search results as it takes time for newly published sites to be indexed by search engines. Read our collection of SEO tutorials for more information on how to help your site appear in search results faster.


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