Saving your website

Saving your work while creating a website helps preserve the changes and allows you to try out and roll back changes without losing your progress.

Saving vs. publishing

These are two different processes. Saving ensures that you don’t lose your work between working sessions, while publishing makes your changes live online and visible to your website visitors.

Here’s how you can save your work in the Sitebuilder. 


The Sitebuilder automatically saves your edits every two minutes. You can see the status on the Topbar changing to Saving and then to Saved.  


Saving as you work

The saving option can be handy when there’s a possibility of internet or electricity blackouts. If this happens between the autosaves,  you may lose your progress. 

To save as you are working, navigate to the Topbar and click the Save button. You can also save your site by using keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+S for Windows and Command+S for Mac. 


Saving when moving between pages

You will be prompted to confirm website saving when you are moving to another page.

Saving when publishing

Your website is saved automatically when you publish it. So remember to publish your website to make your latest content visible on the web.



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