Managing your website pages

Sitebuilder allows you to create a website with multiple pages. With the help of the Page manager, you can add, rename, delete, and assign the new status to pages. In this article, you will find all necessary instructions.

Creating a new page 

Whenever you are ready to create a new page for your website, you can do this using the Page manager. To add a new page, follow the steps from this video or from textual instructions below. 

  1. Click Pages on the Topbar of the Sitebuilder to access  the Page manager. Alternatively, you can access it by clicking the Main menu button and then clicking Pages in the Sidebar. 
  2. In the Page manager, click the (+) Add page button.
  3. In the Add page menu, you can choose to start from an empty page or select a pre-built page template (About us, Services, Our works, Shop, or Contacts templates).
  4. In the text field below, enter the  page title. (You can change it later if needed.)
  5. You can also choose whether you want to show this page’s link in the navigation menu on your site. To do this, check the Display in the navigation box.
  6. Click Submit to save.

If you’ve chosen a pre-built template, you can customize it with your own content or add more blocks from the Block Library.  If you’re starting from an empty page, you can add blocks to fill in your canvas with the content. 

Duplicating a page

If you want to make a copy of your page, hover over that page in the Page manager and click the Copy icon.


Renaming a page

To change the page name, follow these steps:

  1. Click Pages in the Topbar of the Sitebuilder to open the Page manager
  2. Hover over the page which name you want to change and click the gear icon to open the Page settings menu.

  3. In the General tab, enter the new page title. For the best SEO results, keep the title under 55 characters to avoid truncation.

  4. Click Submit and then Publish to make changes live.

Searching for a page

If you have an extensive number of pages, you can search for the needed one through the search bar in the Page manager.


Type in the needed page name and you will see it in the search results.

Assigning a new homepage

Your homepage is your website’s main page, typically serving as a table of contents for the site. You can assign any page of your website to be your homepage. Here's how you can do it:

  1.  Open the Page manager by clicking Pages on the Topbar of the Sitebuilder. 
  2. Hover over the page which you want to set as a new home page and click the house icon.


The old homepage will remain in your navigation. You will need to republish your website to make this change live. Read more about creating your homepage in our dedicated article.

Adding a page to website navigation

You can add a link to any page to your navigation menu in the header. Read our article ​​Adding a page link to the navigation menu to find out the details.

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