Hiding your page from search engines

There can be many reasons for preventing your page from appearing in search results, including the following: 

  • The page is under development, and it’s not ready to welcome visitors yet.
  • The page contains private data (confidential company details, user profiles’ info, private correspondence, payment data, etc.).
  • The page contains similar information (a common issue for ecommerce websites that have many products that differ only in size or color and are considered by search crawlers as duplicates).
  • The page contains so-called thin content (login pages, thank you pages, etc.) that search crawlers consider not adding additional value for visitors.

Hiding a page from indexing can be done by adding a noindex tag to it. But don’t worry, you are not required to inject any code into your website. With Sitebuilder, you can do it by ticking a single checkbox. Read on for full instructions.

Adding a noindex tag to a page

To hide your page from the search engine crawlers, follow these steps: 

  1. When in the editor, click Pages on the Topbar to access the Page manager.
  2. Click the gear icon next to the page you want to manage.

  3. In the Page Settings window, go to the SEO tab.

  4. Tick the Hide this page from search results checkbox.

  5. Click Submit to save the changes.

Read more about customizing your SEO settings in the dedicated tutorial.

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