Adding website content on mobile

You can customize your website using any mobile device as long as you have an internet connection. Moreover, you don't need a mobile app to do that, just log in to your account from your browser and enter the Sitebuilder.

In this article, we will review how to add site content using your mobile device.

Adding and editing blocks

Adding new blocks to the page is similar to how you do it on your desktop. To add a new block, navigate to where you want to add it and tap on the border between two blocks. You will see the [+] Add a block button.


Select the needed block type in the Block Library. For a quick and convenient search, type what kind of block you are looking for in the search field. For example, when you type in "Form", you will see all blocks that contain a form.


Now that the block is added, you can continue editing it. Refer to the following tutorials to learn how to:

Adding and editing images

To add an image from your mobile device, tap on the demo picture twice and click the Upload image icon.


There you can choose to either upload a file from your device or use a free stock photo.


For more information on editing images, please review our Adding and editing content: Images section.

Adding and formatting text

To add text to your website from your mobile device, tap on the demo text twice. You will be able to type, paste and edit the text portion. You can also cut or copy the text you already have on your site.


The mobile Sitebuilder offers the same text formatting options as the desktop version. To learn more about text formatting, review the following tutorials:

Adding downloadable files 

When you attach a downloadable file to a link, by clicking on it, your site visitor will have the file downloaded to their device. You can attach downloadable files from your mobile device to text links, buttons, and images. 

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