Adding and deleting your website text

In Sitebuilder, all the templates come with the demo content, which you can change to your own by pasting or typing it in or delete it in case you don’t need it. 

Deleting demo text from a page

You can delete any text in the Sitebuilder using standard keys on your keyboard: Backspace and Delete for Windows and Backspace and fn+Backspase for macOS. 

These keys are used to delete single characters:

  • Backspace removes the character to the left of the insertion point cursor (forward delete).
  • Delete (or fn+Backspase for Mac) removes the character to the right of the insertion point cursor (backward delete).

After you delete a character, any text to the right or below the character shuffles over to fill the void. You can also press and hold Backspace or Delete (fn+Backspase for Mac) to continuously delete characters in the Sitebuilder.  

There are two ways to delete bigger portions of text in Suitebuilder:

  • Deleting a word: Point the mouse at the word and double-click to highlight it. Press the Delete or Backspace key to make the word disappear.
  • Deleting a paragraph: Point the mouse at the paragraph, click the mouse button three times, and press the Delete or Backspace key.

After deleting the word or any portion of the text, the Sitebuilder wraps up the remaining text and automatically adjusts the block design.

Adding your own text 

To change the demo text in Sitebuilder, type your text directly in the text box, replacing the placeholder text.  

You can copy text from your text editor (MS Word document,  Google doc, etc.)  and paste it directly onto the page. The existing formatting will be preserved.

To copy the text into your clipboard: highlight the text to copy and press Command ⌘+C (macOS) or Ctrl+C (Windows) combination.

To paste the contents of the clipboard: Press Command ⌘ + V (macOS) or Ctrl+V (Windows) combination.

Tip: To quickly highlight the entire paragraph of your site, place your cursor on it and press Command ⌘+A (macOS) or Ctrl+A (Windows).

You can also customize and style your texts. Visit this tutorial to learn how to do it.

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